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Shareholding Disclosure

Shareholding Disclosure (SD)

Automated monitoring of disclosure requirements for major shareholding, short selling and takeover panels. A subscription to aosphere is required for this service.

Sensitive Industries

Sensitive Industries (SI)

Automated monitoring of regulatory threshold for sensitive industries and foreign ownership. A subscription to aosphere is required for this service.

Position Limits

Position Limits (PL)

Automated monitoring of position limits on derivative contracts which are imposed by exchanges across the globe as well as regulators (e.g. CFTC, ESMA via MiFID II). A subscription to FIA Tech's Position Limits Databank is required for this service.

Global Short Selling

Global Short Selling (GSS)

Filing Manager

Filing Manager (FM)

Our Filing Manager module provides access to tools that support the sending and receipt of messages to and from regulators. This allows customers to submit disclosure filings directly to regulators with APIs and substantially improves the efficiency of filing via regulatory portals. Integrated into the Rapptr workflow, users enjoy seamless integration between alerting and submission.

Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions (CA)

Licensed through our Shareholding Disclosure and Sensitive Industries services and using an industry leading corporate actions dataset, the Corporate Actions service helps reduce the risk of missing important events that can change data used in critical calculations.



Enriches position data. A subscription to Refinitiv's Datascope Select Sharing Disclosure and/or Bloomberg is required for this service.