Service documentation

Rules Library

Product Subs. Required Description
Shareholding Disclosure (SD) aosphere Rulefinder Automated monitoring of disclosure requirements for major shareholding, short selling, takeover panels and issuer thresholds
Sensitive Industries (SI) SD Automated monitoring of regulatory threshold for sensitive industries and foreign ownership.
Position Limits (PL) FIA Tech Databank (PLD, EOPLD) Automated monitoring of position limits on derivative contracts which are imposed by exchanges across the globe as well as regulators (e.g. CFTC, ESMA via MiFID II)
SD Rule Add-Ons SD Various rules which are not supported by aosphere:
Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR), Section 12D

Reports Library

Product Description
Filing Manager (FM) The Filing Manager service provides access to tools that support the sending and receipt of messages to and from regulators.


Product Subs. Required Description
Corporate Actions (CA) SD Using an industry leading corporate actions dataset, the Corporate Actions service helps reduce the risk of missing important events that can change data used in critical calculations.
Adapptr (ADA) SD / PL + Bloomberg (DLWS) / Refinitiv (DSS) Creates a FundApps formatted XML file from uploaded positional data and 3rd party market data.
Composite enrichment (COMP) SD Enriches constituent weighting data for ETFs and Indices where you directly hold the underlying.