Regulatory Data Coverage

The following lists are automatically scraped every 3 hours unless marked with an asterix.
Those marked with an asterix are manually checked every 24 hours due to the way that certain authorities format the data.

Total: 34 lists


Dutch Issuer Data
Dutch Share Class Data
EEA Markets
EEA MTF Markets
EEA Regulated Markets
ESMA Shares Traded on EEA Regulated Markets
FIRDS (Financial Instruments Reference Data System)
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Issued Shares
Market Identifier Codes

Short Selling

EU Short Selling Exempt Shares
EU Sovereign Debt
HKEX Rates for Stamp Duty Calculation
Hong Kong Allowed Short Selling
Hong Kong Designated Securities Eligible for Short Selling
Hong Kong Short Reporting
Malaysian Short Selling Allowed Shares
Singapore Stock Codes


Australian Takeover *
Austrian Takeover
Belgian Takeover
Brazilian Takeover *
Canadian Takeover
Cypriot Takeover *
Czech Republic Takeover *
French Takeover
Greek Takeover *
Hong Kong Takeover
Irish Takeover
Malaysian Takeover
Singaporean Takeover
Spanish Takeover
Swiss Takeover
Tunisian Takeover *
UK Takeover

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